Trenchless Sewers

Back in the ’70s when Wolcott started this plumbing operation, we had to dig up many a yard to repair or replace sewer lines. Now, Wolcott professionals can use trenchless technology and dig just a few small holes to fix or completely replace sewer lines using methods like pipe bursting, pipe coating, and pipe lining. That means that your yard, driveway, patio, or whatever it is that makes your property cool can remain intact and your sewer can be its best self.

Why Would I Need to Repair or Replace My Sewer Line?

Though we get a lot of rain in the Portland area, tree roots still go in search of water supplies, and sometimes, they find your sewer line. Roots can cause a surprising amount of damage to sewer lines, creating cracks or even causing collapses if left unchecked. Extreme weather that shifts the ground, pipe that has deteriorated with age, and stubborn clogs may also require professional repair or replacement. If you have any of these issues, call Wolcott and our licensed plumbers will come out and see whether trenchless repair is a good option for you.

Pipe Bursting May Be a Good Fit for You

If you need new sewer lines and you don’t want to rip up your property, pipe bursting may be the way to go. We just need to dig two small holes to access your pipe and thread a cable through it. We use the cable to pull your new pipe into place, breaking (bursting) the old one apart. Then, we fill in the holes and your neighbors are none the wiser. Wolcott professionals can use pipe bursting for replacing Orangeburg, cast iron, PVC, ABS, HDPE, and concrete pipes. We can even increase the size of your pipes using this trenchless method.

Why Choose Wolcott?

  • We use the latest and greatest technology in sewer restoration equipment
  • Our highly trained, licensed journeyman plumbers will get to the root of your issues
  • We offer a 10% discount (up to $200) for Military, First Responders, and Seniors (55 and older).
  • We’ve been around since 1978

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