Gas Line Repair & Installation

Wolcott professionals have been keeping Portland’s plumbing and gas lines in good shape since 1978 and we’ve got a great team of licensed professionals who can help you install and repair your gas line.

Why Would I Need My Gas Line Repaired?

If your gas line was incorrectly installed, has deteriorated with age, or the line itself is defective, it could begin to leak, which can be a serious hazard. Natural disasters and extreme weather can also cause damage to a gas line. If you suspect a gas leak, be sure to call your gas company and ask them to turn your supply off immediately, and then call Wolcott professionals to come help you out.


5 Signs That You May Have a Gas Line Issue

  1. Your home smells like rotten eggs (sulfur)
  2. You hear a hissing sound coming from the gas line
  3. You have dead grass or other plants in your yard
  4. Your gas appliances have little or no power
  5. Your furnace isn’t working properly

Do You Need a Gas Line Replacement (Or Installation)?

Repair to your existing line may not cut it if your existing gas lines are old and you want to preemptively replace them, you’re building a brand new house, or you’re switching to gas heat or appliances and you don’t have an existing line in place.

Why Choose Wolcott?

  • Our highly trained, licensed journeyman plumbers will get to the root of your issues
  • We offer a 10% discount (up to $200) for Military, First Responders, and Seniors (55 and older).
  • We’ve been around since 1978

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